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HR Policy

The main instrument defining the payment and labor motivation system at LLC Yurskneft Refinery is the Collective Bargain Agreement which provides for workers not only incentive and compensation payments, social benefits, including financial aid, but additional leaves, rest days, excess of those stipulated by the labor legislation. The Collective Bargain Agreement establishes the procedure for annual indexation of salaries depending on the index of consumer prices for goods and services in Tyumen region (without autonomous districts).

“The Board of Honour is an important component of the company’s motivation system. Entering the Board of Honour means that the company management and its staff recognise the results of efficient performance of the employee and his/her contribution to the stable operation and success of LLC Yurskneft Refinery. The company is proud of its employees whose portraits have been put on the Board of Honour for several consecutive years. Every year, the company management jointly with the Council of Employees chooses 20 best workers to enter the Board of Honour.”

For the first time in 2016, a contest of professional skills for the title of the Best in Profession was held at the Refinery, which is one of an incentive system development, a means of enhancing the prestige of working professions, improving labor quality, labor discipline and the results of the enterprise as a whole. In total, more than 60 workers of 6 professions participated in the contest: process plants operators and engine-men, commercial oil operators, instrument operators, process plants repairmen. In addition, in order to improve the employees’ motivation, efforts are focused on awarding the refinery workers at different levels. Every year, best workers of the refinery are nominated by the administration to state and departmental awards for their contribution to the development of the industry, high production figures, and labor merits. In 2016, to the Day of Oil and Gas Industry Workers, in connection with commissioning of the atmospheric residue deep conversion unit, to the City Day, to the anniversary of the refinery, 50 employees were awarded, 17 of which received awards from the Tyumen and Tyumen region administration, the Ministry of Energy, 27 employees were awarded in agreement with the refinery Board of Directors, 6 employees were awarded the title of Honorary mentor.

For more than two years, a classroom is successfully working at the refinery. It is intended for in-house training in 11 approved trade training programs: chemical water treatment plant operator, chemical analysis lab assistant, compressor operator, process pump operator, commercial oil operator, water treatment plant operator, process plant operator, pipeline worker, process plants repairman, boiler operator, slinger. In 2016, training was provided in three training programs: boiler operator, chemical analysis lab assistant, slinger. Besides, in 2016, the Road safety additional vocational education program was launched, in which 70 employees of the transport department were trained. In 2016, vocational in-house training has been provided to more than 100 LLC Yurskneft Refinery employees, in 2017 this number is planned to be doubled. In 2016, corporate in-house training has been provided to more than 500 people in Welcome onboarding briefing, Efficient Mentor, Operating Personnel Management Techniques. The average employee training satisfaction index exceeded 99%.

The key objective of the Operating Management Techniques program is to teach heads of departments modern efficient operating personnel management technologies and them to implement those technologies into every-day management practice. Training on Effective Management Technology in 2015 was held for the personnel reserve since 2016 – to all department heads.
Due to the growing LLC Yurskneft Refinery production capacity and, as a result, the massive recruitment, particularly relevant is consistent onboarding system in place. The main purpose of the first stage of adaptation is to help a newcomer to quickly familiarize him or herself with the oil refinery. For this purpose, all newcomers receive a Handbook for a New LLC Yurskneft Refinery Employee on the first day of their employment and attend an introductory meeting Welcome to LLC Yurskneft Refinery during the period of probation. The newcomers are familiarized with the management team of the company, with the job training opportunities, career development, incentive programs, and compensation plan, as well as with sports, cultural and leisure-time activities at the refinery.
The next step of adaptation is the implementation of a professional mentoring system. A pool of mentors consisting of nearly 400 experienced and highly skilled employees has been approved at the refinery. In 2016, mentors were assigned to more than 130 of trainees. A new employee is trained on job site depending on the production tasks.
Another sphere of the company personnel policy is in-house staff training. In 2013, the LLC Yurskneft Refinery Personnel Reserve program was launched. Candidates out of the refinery employees were evaluated and the personnel reserve was approved. The personnel reserve consists of employees with positive professional performance, the high rating of their knowledge, experience, and managerial capacities.
Since 2014, the company employees have been responding to a job satisfaction survey concerning their employment at LLC Yurskneft Refinery. The survey is aiming at obtaining operational management information, its further use in making the existing personnel management system improvement decisions. In the questionnaire, the employees assess such parameters as awareness, communication in the unit, the interaction with the immediate supervisor, payroll, incentive programs, training and development, working conditions, and social life of the enterprise. In 2015, the survey was attended by over 900 employees, in 2016 – more than 1,200 employees.
The survey results revealed that the staff satisfaction index by all parameters assessed is in a good area and is 80%, which is 5% higher than in 2015 (75%) and 27% higher than in 2014 (53%). The respondents’ feedback showed a high degree of employee loyalty: the satisfaction index was 92%: the employees enjoy working at the refinery (the index of satisfaction is 95%), and they are willing to recommend LLC Yurskneft Refinery as an employer to family and friends (92%).
The interview results help to analyze the refinery workers’ attitude dynamics and improve the personnel policy and working environment.