Khanty-Mansi Autonomous, Okrug - Yugra
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Industrial & Occupational Safety

The oil refinery operation is regulated by the highest standards of industrial, fire and occupational safety. That is why our company has developed a package of measures aimed to prevention and isolation of contingency situations and mitigation the consequences thereof; the implementation of these measures reduces the risks both for the personnel of Yurskneft and the community.


Corporate Governance Principles

The Company recognises the importance of good corporate governance in building a world-class Russian company and over time achieving a level of performance comparable to that of our international peers. As a result, corporate governance is viewed as a key driver for improving our performance and investor attractiveness, strengthening our business reputation, increasing Company value and ultimately resulting in improved financial returns for all of our shareholders. The Company’s corporate governance system is based on the following principles:

  • recognition and protection of all shareholders’ interests and rights
  • accountability of the management to Company’s shareholders
  • timely and reliable disclosure of information concerning all aspects of the Company’s activities relating to its performance, risks, and financial condition
  • recognition by the Company of the rights and interests of other stakeholders besides shareholders and observance of these rights based on the principles of fair and responsible mutual relations.